Music Licensing

For music supervisors in a rush, simply submit your proposed master and synchronization license terms by using the Real Wave contact form (important: subject line must only say: Licensing Proposal), and there will consequently be a prompt reply to fair proposals.

Audio Description

Real Wave audio sculptures are ideal for visual accompaniment in projects of all sizes, and can really make your scene stand out in a powerful and transformative way for your audience.

Understanding that music supervisors are generally very busy, Real Wave licensing is optimized for smoothness and quickness without sacrificing quality.

Real Wave audio sculptures are generally trippy in a modern way (i.e. not 1960s throwback style and even modern by current standards), and have a carefully applied combination of varying degrees of timbre specialization and spatial effects that are great for taking audiences outside of their mundane perception (e.g. a scene where the lead character is dealing with the unknown).

There is no search tool for style, mood, and so on, because Real Wave frankly does not have the extra resources necessary to build the corresponding database for now. Only a handful of Real Wave audio sculptures are published yearly, so it remains fairly easy to stay tuned with those releases (and sufficiently increased demand by music supervisors will prompt a change towards adding that tool).

To help you reduce exploration time, Real Wave audio sculptures are usually allocated to one of the six entertainment ecosystems (entecos) with each basically dedicated to a certain style and mood:

Enteco NameGeneral Style
gEErOjAlien industrial with interesting (and sometimes oddly humorous) twists
Stress HealthModern-but-accessible workout/dance music and meditative ambient
SunChill3Modern ambient soundscapes with ample musical elements
Trans-Dimensional VoiceMainly otherworldly (and often neutral) grooves usually with surprise and mystery
TrashWalkGenerally conveys negativity (frustration through horror) sometimes with a sense of humor


As a licensee, you benefit by:

  • friendly and personal care.
  • the most efficient possible turnaround for basic edits (Real Wave has an inhouse studio, and uses Dropbox for quickly convenient and private client access).
  • download access to our audio sculpture library to quickly test a high-quality mix in your project.
  • knowing Real Wave uses a reputable entertainment lawyer when needed for fairly negotiating licenses for high-budget projects.
  • knowing Real Wave uses precise 24-bit audio resolution and 48 kHz sample rate to maximize audio quality (after verifying that 96 kHz, or obviously above, is a waste of precious processing power in this case).
  • knowing that almost all audio is cleared for licensing, and you will be promptly notified upfront about possible issues to the contrary (usually having the option to edit out questionable content).

Licensing Proposal

Simply use the Real Wave contact form to send your basic licensing proposal.


To ensure your proposal is (at least promptly) read, the contact message subject line must only say: Licensing Proposal

Only fair licensing proposals are acknowledged, so avoid proposing an extremely small (e.g. $1) or no license fee. A lot of hard work goes into Real Wave audio sculptures, so licensing terms must reflect that fact.

Real Wave understands that projects vary greatly, and so too does the usage (so value) of the license.

Propose a fair fee in tune with your project budget and the value of the Real Wave audio sculpture(s) within that project.

Real Wave audio sculptures are registered with BMI, so do not send a licensing proposal, if you wish to negate performing rights.

Creative Commons

Real Wave relies upon CC+ for commercial licensing. Obviously follow the instructions above, if you are interested in licensing any of our work for any commercial purpose.

All Sines is an enteco ultimately containing all of the Real Wave audio sculptures, so for any non-commercial purpose, check out the Creative Commons license in the All Sines footer.