Real Wave


Real Wave is the private business administering the works (at least strongly) involving Scott of The Spirit Wave, who has multiple decades of audio experience in production and engineering, including achieving a Bachelor's degree in music synthesis and production at Berklee College of Music.

During that lengthy experience duration, Scott has worked honorably to pave a path towards the apparently neverending depths of spacemixing, a sonisculpting technique that allows for more dimension and texture in audio, typically intended for a more interestingly immersive listening experience.

Spacemixing is the application of very low volume audio effects and optionally other sound sources, preferably to interestingly expand the sonic possibilities for audio professionals and their audience.

Here is a brief introductory video about spacemixing that includes examples...

embed here when ready

Spacemixing Service

Availability status: Real Wave is accepting client proposals to receive the service, but that can change at any moment.

Price: $1,000 per spacemix (i.e. for each stereo master that is spacemixed)

Projects are typically completed in about two weeks from when the spacemixing begins.

You (upon your project being approved by Real Wave as a fit for the service) must sign the "Client Agreement" form that we send you.

Half of the price ($500) must be successfully deposited into Real Wave's bank account prior to any work commencing (no exceptions).

As mutually deemed necessary, one or more client meetings (by phone [or such] to avoid travel burdens) occur to ensure proper project tuning.

You review the resulting work in a compressed audio format. We typically use Dropbox, but remain flexible on behalf of client satisfaction.

Upon your satisfaction via that review, you sign the "Client Satisfaction" form upon project completion.

When your final $500 payment for the project is successfully deposited into Real Wave's bank account, you then receive the uncompressed audio file(s) as the deliverable (no exceptions) – noting that no digital audio workstation session data (or such) can be a deliverable at this time.

There is no change in copyright ownership of the deliverable as a result of using the service. As you must own the copyright in order to use the service, that means you still completely own the copyright, regardless of the service.


The service is only available to clients capable of speaking the English language.

Payment must be received in U.S. dollars.

Although Scott has some surround sound experience, the service is limited to stereo work.

You must own the copyright to any audio that is spacemixed as a result of the service.

As the service advances, disclaimers are subject to change or removal.


When the service availability status (see above) is set to accepting proposals, send an email to...

spacemixingproposal '@' (remove the spaces and single quotes around the at sign, of course, as they were added to help prevent automatic email address harvesting).